How long does the menu build process take?

Your menu should be completed within five business days from the initial review.  Please be aware that this time frame is dependent on the merchant’s availability to complete the review sessions.

Who maintains the menu after it is installed on my system?

Once the menu has been transferred to the merchants system the business owner will be responsible for all menu changes.  Please make sure the menu builder knows of any issues with the menu during the final review session.

What site preparation needs to be completed before my over the phone installation?

Please have your site prepared per the “What happens next document” prior to calling to schedule your installation.  You will want to have high-speed internet in place, all network cabling completed, and the final space for the new POS system clean and ready.

Is onsite installation available?

Onsite installation is available in most areas, please call 866.669.5280 to have a rep check your specific location.  A fee of $249 will be charged for single station installs and $299 for systems with two or more stations.  The fee will be collected via credit card at the time of scheduling the service.

Is onsite training available?

While onsite installation is available onsite training is not.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough coverage through the nation to offer this service.

How many hours of over the phone training are included with my system?

Each First Data™ Restaurant Solution system includes two 1hr training sessions.

What topics are included in the training provided with my system?

First Hour Topics

  • Menu creation and maintenance
  • Jobs and employees
  • Cash in
  • Ticket functions
  • Taking Payments
  • Cash out

Second Hour Topics

  • Batching
  • Refunds
  • Gift cards
  • Sections
  • Employee actions
  • Discounts
  • Reports
  • Database backup

I would like to purchase additional training.  What is the price for additional training per hour?

Additional training is available to merchants.  The cost per hour of training is $120. This fee will be collected via credit card at time of scheduling the service.