Menu Build               

NuRol POS Services performs the initial menu build for the Clover™ Restaurant Solution.  While not mandatory, it is highly advisable to allow our experienced menu staff to get you started in the right direction.  Please keep in mind that the menu build procedure is a onetime scenario and further menu maintenance is the responsibility of the restaurant.

Menu Build Process

** The build process may take as long as five business days.**

Submit Menu
Only one submission will be accepted per menu build. NuRol will include all items (menu items, bar items, appetizers, specials, etc.) in the menu but they must be included in the initial menu submission. Please make sure to include all prices, upcharges and any specific modifiers that you would like us to use. If you have an existing POS system, do not send PLU listings or inventory lists from that system. A customer-facing copy of your menu or a typed listing of categorized menu items is best.
Initial Menu Review
Once your menu files are received, the menu builder assigned to you will schedule a review session to make sure that they understand your menu completely.  The menu will be completed within five business days of this review.
Menu Build
Your menu builder will create a new database in your Clover account with your menu. Please keep in mind that when the new database is installed on your machine all existing employee settings, table sections, discounts, etc will have to be re-entered into the new database.
Final Menu Review
In this menu review session you will be able to see the menu builder's Clover screen via a remote session. Please be sure to ask questions about the menu and mention any changes you would like made based on your submitted menu and any changes discussed in your initial menu review.  After the menu final review is completed and all changes discussed during the final review have been completed, no further changes will be made by the NuRol menu build staff. All future change requests will chargeable by NuRol POS Services.
Menu Upload
The upload of your menu typically occurs during your system installation. In the event that your point of sale system has already been installed we will schedule an appointment to upload the menu to your system.